The Kremlin Cup trophy gets new home at the Pyrenees

Михаил · 25 сентября 2017

David Alcaide of Spain is new champion of Moscow event.

Final matches are rarely spectacular because the stakes are high and the pressure grows too big . This is especially true when the final is the only match for the day. In semi-finals both eventual finalists, Kazakis and Alcaide, were virtually unstoppable. Not giving many chances to the opposition, both of them dominated and their wins were well deserved. Had they played the semis right before the final, the deciding match of the tournament could have been much more fabulous because the players would have been warmed up enough.

But overnight both Alex and David didn't look as excellent as the day before. Prone to unforced errors from both sides, the match floated without any player capable of showing full strength. Amazing, but despite he was missing more it was Kazakis who was keeping the lead, yet not more than a single point. At 6 racks each the Greek gave up a point at his break after a scratch, and couldn't get it back in the next rack. At 8-6 in favor of Alcaide Alex came up with a perfect opening shot, but in the end all the Greek hopes got a blast when he misjudged a thin cut on the 9. The defending champion passed the crown to David Alcaide who won the Kremlin Cup trophy on his second attempt (his Moscow debut was last year).